My research interests include:

  • technology and social change
  • political identity and social movements
  • bureaucracy
  • ethnography
  • computational social science
  • new media and youth
  • gender and sexuality
  • politics of knowledge

Selected Articles

Forberg, Peter and Kristen Schilt. 2023. “What is Ethnographic about Digital Ethnography? A Sociological Perspective.” Frontiers in Sociology 8.

Forberg, Peter L. 2022. “Critical Design as Theory, Experiment, and Data: A Sociologically-Informed Approach to Visualizing Networks of Loss.” Digital Humanities Quarterly 16(3).

Forberg, Peter L. 2022. “‘No Cult Tells You to Think for Yourself’: Discursive Ideology and the Limits of Rationality in Conspiracy Theory QAnon.” American Behavioral Scientist 67(5).

Forberg, Peter L. 2022. “From the Fringe to the Fore: An Algorithmic Ethnography of the Far-right Conspiracy Theory Group QAnon.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 51(3):291-317.

Public Sociology

Forberg, Peter. 2021. “My Time with the Anons: Making My Digital Self with Conspiracy Theorists.” Ethnographic Marginalia: Methodological Appendix.