miscellaneous projects

Some of projects are big, some are small. Some are good, some are bad. All of them are fun. For me.

# I made this website.

# For my Bachelor’s thesis in sociology, I conducted a year of mixed methods research on the conspiracy theory QAnon. You can learn about my methods and conclusions here, which is basically a mini version of my full-length thesis.

# For my Master’s thesis in digital studies of language, culture, and history, I developed a network visualization tool designed to be a little more accessible than previous tools. I want to do more with this, but for now it’s on the backburner. Accessible here.

# Mother of 1000s was an HTML game run as part of a larger ARG. The (now-archived) game presented players with a small kalanchoe daigremontiana to take care of using four basic commands: snip, water, light, ignore. As the world outside the plant’s window changed, players had to choose between these limited options to address issues beyond the scope of plant care. As a collectively played game, players were given a timeframe in which to make a decision, and by clicking their desired command, each individual player “voted” for the final outcome. The game’s narrative addresses the limitations imposed on individuals to effect real change in global environmental issues.

# Eco-clicker is a simple Javascript game designed in a day. Unlike most clicker games, which incentivize resource maximization and furious clicking, Eco-clicker puts limits on the user’s capacity for automation, and it attempts to quantify the unintended side effects of an economic approach to environmental resource management.

# While I like to read and write traditional, human-written poetry, I also enjoy the quirks of poetry imagined by machines. This simple Google sheet lets users input text into one column and then sends the poems through a crucible of Google translations, resulting in some funky rhymes and rhythms. I carefully curated the order of languages and choice of languages; otherwise, the text becomes illegible or completely broken, so have fun with it! I used this same method to completely destroy horoscopes in @wostarastrology on Twitter. After collecting thousands of horoscopes, I fed them to a GPT-2 text generator. Then, I had that generator produce thousands of new horoscopes, and then I fed those horoscopes into that Google sheet. The Twitter bot sends out these magnificent drops of bizarre wisdom and anxiety every 6 hours.

# I spent the winter of 2020 in Dakar, Senegal, on the west coast of Africa. During that time, I maintained an informal, haphazard little blog with my roommate. My writing was abruptly cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, but I wanted to preserve some of my experiences on the internet forever, as you do. This is not professional writing.